Emily Bonar

Software developer and materials scientist in Austin, Texas



Aerosol Deposition Machine

At the Army Research Lab, I've architected software controlling an aerosol deposition machine, capable of depositing layers of powder microns thick.

Sinter Cracking

I worked in the Cordero Additive Lab at Rice University researching cracking during constrained sintering. Sintering is the process by which particles merge together by the application of heat or pressure without melting.

Nickel Alloy Development

In college, my capstone project was to design an alloy that was easy to weld, had a high yield strength and corrosion resistance, and had less than 5% dilution from the substrate metal for use in corrosion-resistant alloy cladding.

Personal Projects

I've made several personal projects, including this website! I enjoy making things from scratch (or close to it) and learning new languages and tools. I'm always looking for new projects that I could contribute to or things I should check out, so if you have something to tell me let me know through the contact links below!